Machine Gun Kelly Arrested

Machine Gun Kelly’s Mug Shot
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Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly was cuffed once again this past weekend.

According to MTV, the rapper was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor disorderly conduct after a St.Petersburg, Florida show. He was released a few hours later.

The rapper whose real name is Richard Baker explained the arrest through a number of Twitter posts:

“Just spent my entire night in a f–king Florida jail… sh– escalated way to quick last night, it always does with us though.”

“Thanking God that only half of us went to jail, that @216XPLOSIVE is outta the hospital, and that we get to go back to Cleveland today…”

“The weirdest part of it was how any inmates in there knew who I was and knew about the movement. It was some trippy sh–. Lace the F–K up.”

The rapper ended his bout of Tweets by noting that he looks to avoid another arrest:

“Anyways, thank you Florida for ragin this week. Lookin forward to seeing every state during this spring/summer tour (no more handcuffs tho!)”

The arrest follows another in August, when the rapper was arrested for orchestrating a flash mob.

He organized a flash mob at a Cleveland Mall tweeting, “I’m thinking about doing a flash mob at a mall or something tomorrow lol cleveland should we do one while I’m home?”

And again tweeted prior to the event, “Today we flash mob NO MATTER WHAT! 5pm at SouthPark mall in the foodcourt, wear disquises, dont move to you hear “Cleveland” play then RAGE!”

The rapper was arrested after reportedly refusing to get down from a table he was standing on during the incident and was charged with disorderly conduct.

The rapper had no remorse for the arrest, tweeted, “If having fun with my fans and bringin the rage back to my hometown means I have to be arrested…then keep pulling the cuffs out.”