Lil Wayne’s ‘Mirror’ Video Released (Video)

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Picture 52Finally, another installment from Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV album.

“With everything happening today, you don’t know whether you’re coming or going,” says Lil Wayne in his latest music video. “But you think that you’re on your way, life lined up on the mirror, don’t blow it.”

The rappers latest single and music video for “Mirror” went viral this week and comes as a slow, soulful track chronicling his personal issues.

“I see the blood in your eyes, I see the love in disguise, I see the pain hidden in your pride, I see you’re not satisfied,” sings Lil Wayne. ” And I don’t see nobody else. I see myself.”

The track is a collaboration with singer Bruno Mars.

“Mirror on the wall, here we are again, through my rise and fall you’ve been my only friend,” sings Bruno Mars in “Mirror.” “You told me that they can understand the man I am, so why are we here talkin’ to each other again?”

The video was released this past week and is proving to be quite popular with over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

According to MTV, the video was directed by Antoine Fuqua and features the rapper in a studio. The video goes on to take viewers on a journey by the means of the rapper’s tattoos from the message of “Fear God” across his eyelids to his Rolls Royce tattoo on his arm.

The video also follows the rapper as he creates a painting on the wall. A shirtless Wayne does his best Da Vinci, and splashes colors onto the wall creating what looks to be like a masterpiece of the rapper: an image of the rapper standing with his arms open holding a microphone.

The single puts a nice twist on Michael Jackson’s famous track, in one part Wayne even pays his respects to the late singer.

“I see the change, I see the message and no message could’ve been any clearer, so I’m startin’ with the man in the,” says the rapper before paying homage to Jackson with “MJ taught me that.”

Check it out.