John Goodman Adopts Girlfriend

John Goodman (Palm Beach Sherrif’s Office)
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John Goodman (Palm Beach Sherrif's Office)

Millionaires can pretty much do anything these days and apparently they do.

Millionaire and founder of the Polo Club Palm Beach, John Goodman officially adopted his longtime girlfriend, Heather Laruso Hutchins recently.

Hutchins is now legally Goodman’s child in what looks like a ploy to protect his millions. It’s being reported that the 48-year-old made the move to protect his wealth as he is facing a slew of charges that can rip it right away from him.

The Floridian and founder of the popular polo club in Wellington killed 23-year-old Scott Patrick Wilson when he ran a stop sign while driving his Bentley in Feb. 2010. Goodman reportedly didn’t call police and ran from the scene on foot. He allegedly was driving with a blood-alcohol level two times the legal limit that night and is now facing charges that could cost him.

Goodman is facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Wilson’s parents, Lili and William. Goodman’s civil trial is set for March 27. According to Huffington Post, he’s also reportedly facing a trial for vehicular homicide along with leaving the scene of a crime, and DUI manslaughter. His criminal trial is set for March 6.

Previously, as ABC reports, Goodman reportedly set up a trust for his two younger children, who will not be able to touch the trust money until they turn 35 years old. ABC also reported that the court previously ruled that the assets owned by the children could not be considered part of his net worth and would be spared if the Wilsons win the suit.

Now that Goodman’s girlfriend is his legal child, she’s now allowed a third of the money in the trust and since she’s over 35 years old, she can immediately use the money.