Anchorwoman Sausage Blooper Goes Viral (Video)

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Picture 111YouTube is known for spreading anchor bloopers like wildfire.

That’s right, while being so well known for what they report, anchors and reporters have also become so well known for their flubs, thanks to the Internet.

Almost instantly, a video of a reporter slipping, cursing or getting caught saying things that weren’t on the teleprompter will appear online and garner millions of views. They’ve become a favorite among viewers.

Who doesn’t remember grape lady? The YouTube video that quickly became famous after going viral. The video was one of the first and features an anchorwoman stumbling after stomping grapes. It became so well known it was even featured on an episode of Family Guy.

In another famous anchor blooper, an anchor is caught making fun of the Kardashians. This happens right after the anchor interviews the famous reality star sisters and just when he thinks he’s off air, he starts mocking them. Of course, the world got to share in his goofing off because he was still on air at the time, and eventually the clip made it’s way through the waves of YouTube for those who weren’t watching T.V.

This week, viewers were treated to another hilarious anchor blooper when a woman couldn’t quite say the website correctly, instead replacing “Tick” with “D***.”

It all started when the anchor began sharing a charity contest in which she was judging. It was a sausage eating competition and she was sharing the website with viewers where they could go to register for tickets.

She directed viewers to a website called “Pick a tick,” but instead she said, “Pick a d***.”

The anchor immediately went into laughter after making her major blooper, covering her mouth as her co-anchor laughed it off and said, “Well you’re thinking about sausage.”

“It’s pick-a-tick,” she corrected herself. “That was ridiculous wasn’t it?” she asked her co-anchor, who assured the crowd “We were not drinking wine today.”

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the anchor gets one more line in and manages to again, mix up the website name.

“So go to pick-a-d***,” she says and slams on the table, correcting herself yet again, “Pick a tick.”

Check it out.

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