Channing Tatum Shirtless On ‘SNL’ (Video)

Picture 13

Picture 131More exciting than the Super Bowl for some people was seeing Channing Tatum shirtless.

Tatum fans were treated to a striptease from the former stripper during this week’s  “SNL.” The actor stripped of his shirt for his very first monologue of the show.

It all started when he introduced himself and spoke on his past: stripping.

“It’s so great to be on this stage especially considering my first job in show business was as a male stripper,” says Tatum as the crowd erupts into whistles and claps. “It may sounds like a joke but it’s true,” assures Tatum as the crowd continues to clap.

Tatum takes control of his audience to explain a few rules.

“Real quick ground rules for tonight are,” Tatum says as he shares that there will be no touching. “I can touch you, you can’t touch me.”

Next, Tatum explains that “Tips are appreciated” and that the only reason he’s doing the show is to put himself through nursing school. Again, the crowd loves it, erupting into another bout of applause.

The “Vow” actor explains his third rule and then brings out his body guard named Big Rodney who warns the crowd “I’m watching you.”

Just as Tatum explains he has no shame in stripping and that he in fact, loved all of his customers, he spots one in the crowd, and then another and then another. The two female customers he spots, one with a husband, act as if they don’t know him.

“I’m just a stranger and I’m here with my husband,” one woman says.

Tatum then notices a third customer, Leslie Burns. “My absolute best customer,” explains Tatum. “He came in every night, and most days.”

Burns denies it and that’s where it began, the striptease that is, Tatum’s quest to remind Burns. “You’re telling me you don’t remember this?” asks Tatum as he starts to dance and then changes positions.

“I’m not sure yet but you should keep trying,” replies Burns to which Tatum does the deed: rips open his shirt.

Check it out.