Papa John’s Coin Toss Super Bowl Code Delay

Some Giants and Papa John’s fans are getting frustrated over a promotion by the pizza giant, which promised Papa John’s Rewards Members a free pizza and 2-liter soda bottle if the Super Bowl coin toss landed on heads Sunday. And lucky for fans, it did land on heads, only Papa John’s may not have realized just how popular the promotion would end up and fans waiting for a promo code via email are getting antsy.

Many Papa John’s Rewards Members are still waiting for an email that the company said would contain a redemption code for their free pizza and soda and some of them are venting their anger on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The company originally said the email with the code would be send on Monday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time, but that didn’t happen.

Then the Papa John’s site was offering consumers a way to redeem the code by entering their email address on the Papa John’s website but that created massive traffic that crashed the site for many users.

But no worries, Papa John’s fans, the company fully intends to make good on their promise, you just have to be patient. The company says the email was promised to millions of Rewards Members and as a result, is just going to take some time to get to every single one of them.


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