Strange Clouds Form Over Florida Beach (Video)

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Throughout the year, amazing photos of natural occurrences make their way to the Internet and even sometimes, make the headlines. That’s the case for a recent photo of low-lying clouds.

A man flying a helicopter snapped the latest phenomenal photo making its rounds.  The amazing shot shows low-lying clouds hugging buildings in a Panama City beach.

Dr. Greg Forbes of Weather.com gave a detailed description of the clouds in a recent report, saying, “You see the clouds forming off shore, as the winds from south to north push them toward and then up over the high rises as the air rises and reaches its crest.”

“And then sinks back down and lowers the relative humidity and the clouds dissipate,” Forbes of Weather.com explained.

The picture was snapped by a pilot named JR Hott who owns Panhandle Helicopter and later posted it to Facebook.

“I took and I thought it was really cool, so I put it on Facebook,” Hott said, reported the Huffington Post. “We see it a few times a year, and it can happen in a minute.”

Check it out.

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