Kristen Bell Sloth Video Gets Auto-Tuned

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell (Photo Credit: YouTube)

How do you know you’ve really made it in life? You get auto-tuned.

That’s what happened to actress Kristen Bell after she went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and openly discussed freaking out after her boyfriend surprised her with a sloth for her 31st birthday.

The original video from Ellen’s show has received more than 8 million hits since it was published on YouTube on Jan. 30. The 3-minute 43-second video has received so much attention that someone went ahead and decided to auto-tune it.

She told DeGeneres last month: “The day of my birthday, we’re sitting in the living room and I hear a knock at the door. [Dax Shepard] says, ‘Your present is here. Why don’t you go grab the dogs and go in the back room?’ I had no context for knowing what it was, but I grabbed the dogs and walk into the back room of the house and I was immediately overcome and I thought, ‘there’s a sloth near, there’s a sloth here, it’s close, it’s going to happen.’”

What happened next was almost unexplainable.

In the video, Bell can be seen hysterically crying on her bed because she was filled with emotion. Apparently, the actress cries when she’s happy or sad, so it’s safe to say the tears stemmed from happiness, but who knows?

Bell told “The Insider” last month that she’s obessed with sloths and even Google’s them from time-to-time.

“There’s nothing cuter than a baby sloth,” she added.

So DeGeneres used her show to bring back the infamous sloth video and also played the auto-tune version on her show.

“It was a great story,” she said of the original. “By great, I mean crazy. It was a crazy story.”

Here’s the original:

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