Soldiers Bring Rescue Dog Trigger to NY from Afghanistan

trigger rescue dog New York

While on deployment in the midst of war, Jeff, a US Army Soldier, and his friend Matthew from the same unit, rescued two brave dogs from the dangerous streets of Afghanistan.

They managed to bring both Trigger and Savannah safely back to their camp.  Jeff and Matt provided the dogs with food, water, shelter, and love – in abundance.

Jeff kept Savannah for his own pet, and Matthew adopted Trigger. But as Savannah explored her new surroundings while Jeff was out on a detail, local militia captured her on the outskirts of the camp. They mutilated, killed her, and put her on display to torment the U.S. Soldiers. Trigger survived, but was in danger for Jeff and Matt’s unit was being sent back to the US in early February.

Through the help of Guardians of Rescue, Nowzad, and Hammer Out Animal Cruelty, Trigger was transported to Nowzad’s shelter and remained safe while the mandatory quarantine passed.

Trigger will arrive at Kennedy airport on Thursday, Feb 16 at 7:20 a.m., and will then be transported to Hounds Town USA in Port Jefferson Station NY for adjustment therapy, and then will be reunited with his soldier in Washington State.

Please join in welcoming Trigger home!

LOCATION:  Emirates (Bld.73) Flt. (EK 203) Cargo Area D at JFK. AIRPORT.