Ecards: Free Valentine’s Day Ecards


twitter trending tweet love valentines day ecards someecardsToday is Valentine’s Day and for some of us, it’s a day dedicated to sitting behind a desk and working away the hours. For others, more fortunate, it’s a day to wine and dine with your lover.

But all of us aren’t so lucky and for those folks stuck behind the desk, or far away from his or her love, ecards come in quite handy.

One of the most popular sites to shoot off funny love notes to a long distance or Facebook lover is Someecards.com. The site boasts an array of humorous cards with funny captions like “You’re the top trending topic in the Twitter feed of my heart” with a cute photos to match.

According to College News, another great site for ecards is JibJab.com. College News says “the company who brought us the new Christmas tradition Elf Yourself, offers several free ecards in the form of short videos.”

The videos provided by Jib Jab actually are quite creative and allow users to upload a photo of themselves and a love that is immortalized into characters on the cards. The characters than reportedly perform dances to such songs as “I Got You Babe,” and “Let’s Get Physical.”

American Greetings is another tempting option offering cards that will find their way to a lover via email. The site provides ecards and printable Valentine’s Day cards too, in case you get a surprise visit. The site offers precious Valentine’s Day ecards featuring your favorite animals. One option is “That’s Amore Song” featuring a furry dog singing the famous song as he floats along on a gondala blowing kisses to his lady friends.

“When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie that’s amore, that’s amore, when the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore, that’s amore,” the dog sings.

For those more creative, opt for your own ecard by pasting together Valentine’s Day images or images of you and your love with a special message using a program like Photoshop.

Not looking for a card, send your love a quick text. Of course, you’re not Walt Whitman or Shakespeare but you can use their words today.

The Examiner points out that users can look up and use romantic quotes as such sites as QuoteGarden.com. Examiner says the site has been in operation for twelve years and list the most popular quotes and saying by category.

Another romantic quote-filled site is PoemofQuotes.com. The site provides perfect poems you can shoot off to all kinds of lovers from long distance to  first loves.