‘I Love You x 100’ (Video)

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Picture 56It’s February 14, also known as Valentine’s Day for those who haven’t noticed yet. Yep it’s the dreaded day for singletons, and one of the most romantic for couples.

Many believe the day is dedicated to PDA and all things cheesy like CVS chocolates and insincere Hallmark cards, but I assure you it’s not. It’s also a day that can be special for all folks.

A YouTube video making its rounds today is proof that Valentine’s Day is special for everyone not just newlyweds and new couples. The video is called “I Love You x 100” and claims to provide viewers with 100 ways to say that famous phrase.

“There’s no better way to tell someone you love them than by doing so in a hundred languages,” reads the YouTube video caption that’s making its rounds on the Internet and has collected over 500 views since being posted earlier today.

The video takes viewers on a journey of the phrase “I Love You” as different people, including couples and singletons alike, utter the words in 100 different languages.

“Eu te amo,”  “wo ie ni,”  “Ámote,”  “Ti amo,” are just a few of the phrases shared in the video.

The video is the work of Memrise, a company based in Cambridge, MA. that integrates the art and science of memory to help you learn faster. Memrise was founded by Greg Detre, a PhD neuroscientist from Princeton, and Ed Cooke, a Grandmaster of Memory.

“From the science of memory, Dr. Detre brings an acute understanding of how best to strengthen memories, by testing and reviewing them over time in the most efficient manner,” reads Memrise.com.  “From the art of memory, Grandmaster Cooke brings an understanding of how learning rejoices in anything that is pithy, colourful, humorous, fantastical, attractive, scary, important, unusual or vivid.”

Check it out.