Chelsea Handler, Rosie O’Donnell Little Person Phobia (Video)

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Picture 105Chelsea Handler went on “Rosie” to chat with the host, Rosie O’Donnell when they came across the topic of little people.

Following a tearjerking discussion about the death of their parents, the two divulged their feelings on people with disabilities.  The two managed to tick a ton of people off with their controversial conversation regarding little people.

“Would you ever do (have sex with) a little person,” asked O’Donnell to which Handler says, “No, that would be child abuse, I would never do that.”

“I can’t put the two things together that it’s an adult person and it’s a little person,” Explained Rosie of her phobia. “It’s so hard for me.”

“Whatever you have, I have the opposite of,” explained Chelsea but instead of defending them, Handler insulted them further. Handler took aim at her own employee, and co-star of her two reality shows, Chuy.

“It’s like having a kid,” she said of Chuy after revealing he was a porn actor. “Who else is going to give that guy a job.”

After a few minutes, Rosie acknowledged that she felt bad about her fear. “And I feel bad about it, I feel bad about it,” she said. “It’s not like I have negative feelings about them, I just have so many feelings about them, I can’t just act normal.”

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Of course the segment has been criticized heavily.

John Robinson took to the Huffington Post to discuss his feelings on the bashing, chalking it up to a set up, a “tease for ratings” and a “Publicity grab.”

“Rosie O’Donnell hurts many people. Stereotypes are reinforced. Rosie and Chelsea Handler will have follow up programs as therapy. They will tell America how insensitive they were. Ask for forgiveness. All of this will come with more attention for their awful programs; unfortunately with increased television ratings. It is at our expense,” he said.

Little People of America even released a statement regarding the matter.

“Little People of America, along with many others in the dwarfism and disability community, is shocked by the comments you made about people with dwarfism on a recent episode of “The Rosie Show.”  We were dismayed that, during the February 8 telecast, when addressing insecurities and questions around dwarfism, rather than advocating for tolerance, understanding and acceptance, you promoted stereotypes and fear- based ignorance of how others actually live,” said Leah Smith, Vice President of Public Relations of Little People of America in a statement.

Chris Errera, a musician and composer, released a YouTube video.

“They are simply your opinions and nothing more,” said Errera to O’Donnell and Handler.

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