‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Losing Custody Of Son? Ryan Edwards Filling For Full Custody Of Bentley

Ryan and Maci
(Credit: Wetpaint.com)
Ryan and Maci
(Credit: Wetpaint.com)

The Teen Mom drama continues.

Normally, when you think about Teen Mom drama it has something to do with Amber Portwood or Jenelle Evans, but this week Maci Bookout has made it into the tabloids.

Maci’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, is being rumored to be filing for full custody of  their three-year-old son Bentley, reports HollywoodLife.com.

The rumor mill began buzzing after Maci and her boyfriend, Kyle King, were kicked out of a hotel in California after getting into a disruptive fight. In order to blow off some steam from the heated argument Maci went out and partied until 3 A.M., reports say.

This is not the first time Maci has resorted to partying and boozing, and now Ryan believes it has gone too far, as reported by HollywoodLife.com.

According to a source who spoke to Star Magazine, Maci has been partying heavily and Bentley has been affected by her new party girl life style. The source said to the magazine, “Bentley will go to Ryan’s after being with his mom, and he’ll be cussing a lot,” reveals the source. “Ryan will ask where he gets it from, and Bentley says, ‘Mama and Ky.’ She’s being really inappropriate.”

As a result, Ryan is no longer pleased with their joint custody agreement. A source spoke to Star and said, “Ryan initially wanted join custody. But after [Maci’s] incident in Anaheim when she got kicked out of the hotel, he’s trying to get full custody. Full is what he really wants.”

Ryan isn’t filing for custody just yet, he is going to wait until can prove to the courts that he is the better parent for Bentley.

“He absolutely loves that little boy more than anything,” the source says.

Do you think Ryan should have full custody of Bentley?