Jeff Gordon Crash At Budweiser Shootout (Video)

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Jeff Gordon's car collides with another during Budweiser Shootout Saturday

Jeff Gordon was involved in a frightening crash nearing the finish of the Budweiser Shootout but fortunately, walked away unharmed.

Talk about started the season off with a bang. It was during the Budweiser Shootout Saturday that kicks off the 2012 NASCAR schedule that Jeff Gordon got into a major crash.

The incident occurred during the 75-lap distance at Daytona International Speedway this past weekend. Jeff Gordon’s crash came according to SBNation.com, in the sprint to the finish with only two laps to go, while Gordon was getting into the back of Busch.

Gordon’s car nudged Busch’s M&M’s vehicle and began to spin out of line.  The car flipped multiple times and slid on its side for a bit before stopping at its final resting spot and rolling onto its roof.

Rescuers rushed to the scene and after a few moments pulled Gordon out of the vehicle. Luckily Gordon walked away unharmed, though not the same can be said about his car.

Gordon was reportedly treated at Daytona infield medical center, and later released.

Gordon explained the incident, saying, “Every time I got to Kyle’s bumper, he just started getting so sideways, like he was a lot tonight.”

According to FOX, he said, “And I thought he was going to wreck. I saw him start to spin, so I went wide, not knowing someone had gotten to my outside. That got me into those guys and into the wall and along for a ride. And then Kyle wins the race, so it was a pretty wild and crazy way to get it all started. It was certainly an exciting finish, but not the way our Drive To End Hunger Chevrolet wants to get the 2012 season started.”

Busch had a better night. After missing the major wreck, he made a major save to not only stay in the race but win. Busch won the race and beat out Tony Stewart by .013 second, making it the closest finish in the history of the Shootout, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

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