‘Have You Ever Flashed Someone?’ Video Goes Viral

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Picture 82“Have you ever flashed someone?” seems like a interesting question but even more interesting is a question a late night television host posed this past week.

“Can you tell if a woman has ever flashed someone just by looking at her?” Jimmy Kimmel pondered on the heels of Mardi Gras. Kimmel shared his question on his show and put together a special segment to test out if you can indeed, tell if someone has flashed before based on appearance.

“We’re going to turn this into a game tonight,” said Kimmel.

The host took to the streets and interviewed various woman, and one man, on the street and asked them if they had ever done the deed. He took the footage back to his studio where he asked the crowd to guess the answer before revealing it.

First up was Kimberly from Los Angeles who was asked the question, before her answer was revealed the audience guessed to which Kimmel said “We have a split audience.”

“Um yes I have, I was on a highway on a road trip and the person was just excited,” said Kimberly.

The audience guessed a few more potential flashers correct but did get others wrong like Californian Candice, who the audience dubbed a definite flasher but to their surprise she had never done so.

“No I have not, I haven’t, not even a little,” said Candice.  Kimmel then asked the audience to apologize to Candice for their wrong judgement.

Most entertaining was the final potential flasher, who revealed she had never flashed before. “I didn’t sadly, because no one would look,” she said as, a flasher ran past her holding her shirt up.

Check it out. Did you guess them correct?