Kathy Ireland Richest Super Model, Report Says

Kathy Ireland
Kathy Ireland (Photo: imdb.com)
Kathy Ireland
Kathy Ireland (Photo: imdb.com)

How would you like to be worth $1 million? That sounds like a nice number that most Americans can live comfortably with.

Well, how would you like to be worth $350 million?

Yeah, that sounds delightful.

While, we can only dream of stacks of green paper filling our wallets and protruding from our jean pockets, super model Kathy Ireland is actually worth that much money, making her the richest super model in the world, according to a new report.

Ireland, 48, made her fame in the 1980s becoming a mainstay in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, gracing the cover of the popular sports magazine three times, and appearing inside the magazine 13 consecutive times.

According to a recent report by Forbes, Ireland’s company sold $2 billion worth of products, making her a bigger star in the retail world than even Martha Stewart.

The website Celebrity Net Worth.com released Ireland’s net worth in a recent report.

Apparently, her company is a big deal.

Her company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, sells everything from home furnishing to jewelry and hand bags. She also added workout videos and wigs to her impressive array of products.

Celebrity Net Worth also released 14 other supermodels who have made themselves part of the “1 percent.”

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, came in second (just like her husband this year) with a personal net worth of $250 million.

Coming in third was Cindy Crawford with $100 million, which sounds like chump change compared to Ireland.

Here’s some other notables:

Tyra Banks — $90 million

Christie Brinkley — $80 million

Heidi Klum — $70 million

Yeah, we’re jealous.