Kobe Bryant Suffers Fractured Nose At All-Star Game (Video)

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Picture 75Kobe Bryant was among other star basketball players on the court at the NBA All-Star game this past weekend.

The players brought their best skills to the game Sunday, and the fierce competition was apparent as the game got heated with one of the top stars, Bryant walking away with a fractured nose.

It was a bittersweet game for Bryant who surpassed Michael Jordan as the NBA All-Star Game’s greatest scorer. Bryant collected 271 points for his career Sunday night, thanks to the 27 points at the All-Star game, he broke Jordan’s record of 262 points.

But Bryant also suffered a fractured nose.

The incident happened when the Los Angeles Laker star went up for a layup and was fouled by Miami Heat player, Dwayne Wade.

Following the foul, Kobe walked off with his hand over his face and a bloody nose became obvious. Kobe ultimately stayed for the remainder of the game—Bryant reportedly sought medical treatment after the game only to find out he had a nasal fracture.

Wade offered up his take on the incident.

“Yeah, I obviously didn’t try to draw no blood, but I took a foul,” Wade said, reported ESPN. “Kobe fouled me two times in a row, so he’s still got one up on me. But I’m glad that everything was cool and we got back to being competitive and having fun.”

All things weren’t so bad for the basketball player; besides a fractured nose, he broke a record and took home a win—The Western Conference took home a 152-149 win over the East.

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