Dana Point Dolphin Stampede Dana Wharf: Dolphin Stampede Goes Viral On Youtube

Dolphin Stampede
(Credit: dsc.discovery.com)
Dolphin Stampede
(Credit: dsc.discovery.com)

Just because you go whale watching doesn’t guarantee you to actually see any whales or dolphins. However, Dana Wharf Whale Watching has been making headlines ever since a video was uploaded to Youtube on February 23, titled “Dana Point Dolphin Stampede.” The video captured nearly 2,000 common dolphins swimming and porpoising as the Dana Pride sailed next to them off the Orange County coast.

The viral Youtube video is turning into a sensation with over 185,000 views by Wednesday.

However, not everyone who is viewing the viral video is happy about it. There have been complaints left about the video on the YouTube about how the dolphins were probably frightened by the ship because they felt threatened by the Dana Pride.

Dolphins are actually famous for chasing after boats, even from far distances, just so they can swim alongside ships where they are able to leap in their wakes, according to Petethomasoutdoors.com.

Some people who were upset after seeing the “Dana Point Dolphin Stampede” wrote comments like,”Contrary to the idea that the dolphins are having a grand ol’ time, it’s more likely that the noise, vibration and water turbulence caused by the boat may have frightened the dolphins, which all reacted at once.”

Another person commented, “Do you really have to drive your boat through the middle of them?”

According to researcher Alisa Schulman-Janiger from Southern California, she has never noticed dolphins having an negative reaction for a boat being in their habitat. She stated, “They either ignore the boat, usually if they’re feeding, or they race over to the boat,” the researcher said to Peterthomasoutdoors.com.

Dolphins-world.com describes common dolphins as “very social creatures.”

What do you think about the video? Do you think they were frightened by the Dana Pride?