Lindsay Lohan Returns To ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Video)

Picture 13

Picture 13Lindsay Lohan returned to ‘SNL’ for the fourth time and her performance was questionable.

Twitter users were clearly not impressed. Many of them shared their feelings on the social media site. Here are a few of the reactions:

“Dear SNL, Please consider never having Lindsay Lohan host again. Last night was one of your least funny shows. Ever. Thanks.,” tweeted one user.

Another commented,”Not impressed with Lindsay Lohan’s “comeback” on SNL last night. She stumbled through the whole thing.”

“Lindsay Lohan flubs lines, bombs in SNL ‘comeback’,” tweeted another.

For one, as Entertainment Weekly points out she was in the background for most of the show, playing supporting roles in the segments.

She did however bring laughs to the crowd with a ‘Housewives’ performance, though again she remained the supporting cast for it.

Lohan took on Rapunzel for a segment of the hit Bravo show called “The Real Housewives Of Disney” where she was joined by Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine and Belle.

Rapunzel was throwing a castle-warming party and invited all of her famous Disney friends. Unfortunately, as a ‘Housewives’ party usually ends up, melee broke out quickly after sitting down for tea.

As the segment revealed, Cinderella may have married a man more interested in her shoes, while Jasmine and Aladdin have become broke. Aladdin used up their wishes, according to Cinderella, on a lap dance from her. The party ended with Rapunzel fighting to keep her “weave” from being ripped out by Cinderella, who at times seemed to take a liking to her alcoholic beverage.

Check it out. What did you think of Lohan’s ‘comeback’ performance?