Happy 100th Birthday Oreo! Oreo Trivia And Facts

Birthday Oreo
(Credit: sweets.seriouseats.com)

Happy Birthday Oreo!

The chocolate cookie with vanilla fondant that we have all grown to love turns 100-years-old. On March 6, 1912 the Oreo company was founded in Chelsea, New York. Back in 1912, the an Oreo cookie was actually referred to as an Oreo biscuit.

Kraft’s foods is celebrating Oreo’s birthday by releasing a limited-edition birthday cake flavor.  The birthday cake edition of Oreo even has its own facebook page and website.

Oreo has fans in over 100 countries and has gotten over 25 million “likes” on Facebook, as stated in a press release by Oreo.

According to a survey released by Global Spirit of Childhood, parents feel that children are growing up faster than they used to. It’s a discouraging fact since most adults long for their carefree childhoods.

“In today’s hectic world, people have more responsibilities and pressures than ever before,” said John Ghingo, Senior Director for Oreo Global said in a press release. “Despite this, the simple act of enjoying an Oreo cookie and glass of milk continues to speak to a universal, human truth: inside all of us, whether grown-up or still growing, there’s a kid that deserves to be set free every once in a while.”

Oreo has provided us with a few facts about the cookie we love:

An Oreo cookie is about 30% creme and 70% cookie.

The Oreo cookie “twist, lick and dunk” ritual is the signature way to eat an Oreo cookie around the world.

This Fall, Oreo is going to be hosting a multinational event in New York City. Attending the even will be selected Oreo ambassadors hailing from 13 different countries. Every “AmbassadOREO” will take a pledge where each of them will promise to continue the brand’s 100th birthday mission, spreading “childlike delight” throughout their communities.

The Oreo cookie was first sold in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Thanks for 100 years of delicious cookies, Oreo! What do you  think about Oreo turning 100-years-old?