Dev Releases ‘Kiss My Lips’ (Video)

Picture 20

Picture 201Kiss My Lips is Dev’s newest song and she’s just released a video for it this week.

“I was sitting on the beach, staring at the nite, pulled out a cigarette, and you were there with the light,” sings Dev in the new video. “But if you wanna talk, well first you gotta listen, I ain’t like those other girls that you been missing.”

“And get your hand off my hip, and kiss my lips, kiss my lips, kiss me all over,” she sings as she sucks on a piece of ice.

The song comes from her debut album The Night The Sun Came Up which is set to be released March 26 after being pushed back from the original release date back in September.

The video features another famous face, rapper Fabolous who adds some spice to the video with lyrics like, “Aint got an answer, but which lips are you talking?”

Fabolous raps, “Exotic dancer strut, I would tip you for walking.”

“You play your cards right, you might get lucky tonight, bring the vampire out, I suck and I bite,” he adds.

The video follows a string of videos recently released by the budding artist. She’s reportedly made promotional videos for other songs including “Take Her From You,” “In My Trunk” and “Lightspeed.”

Check it out. What did you think?