‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ On ‘The Voice’ (Video)

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It’s up to the Battle Round of the hit NBC show “The Voice,” where contestants take the stage and belt it out in a bid to beat out the other and move on to the next round.

Two contestants took the stage on a recent episode of “The Voice” and took on the famous lyrics of hit song,”Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

“I really need you tonight,” sings one contestant.  “And I need you more than ever,” finishes another.

“Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I’m only falling apart,” one contestant sings as the other comes in and finishes the line during the stellar performance.

It was contestants Cheesa Laureta and Angie Johnson, who took the stage to battle it out on Tuesday night’s episode of the NBC show singing “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” and with their performances, did nothing short of impress the judges.

“You were both really powerful,” raved one judge of the show, singer Adam Levine, who ultimately said he would pick Cheesa if it were up to him.

“Neither one of you had a bad moment,” noted another judge, country singer Blake Shelton, adding “Which is rare.” The country star revealed he would pick Angie, again if it were up to him.

“I thought this was a great match, a really great pair up,” said Christina Aguilera, another judge on the show. She too, said she would opt for Angie if it were up to her.

Ultimately, it was up to singer Cee lo Green, a judge on “The Voice.”

“I’m very proud of you both,” said Green to his two contestants as they stood next to host Carson Daly. “I feel like a proud father” he said before revealing the winner.

“Today the winner of this battle round is Cheesa,” said Green.

Check it out. Who would you pick?