Penguins On A Plane (Video)

Picture 202We’ve all heard of snakes on a plane, but penguins? Really!

On a recent March 8 flight from San Antonio to Atlanta, Delta passengers were treated to just that, penguins on a plane.

A video of the flight went viral recently, for all the world to see.

“Special guests” flying in First Class, a couple of penguins (I think their names were Pete & Penny) from Sea World,” Delta passenger Jane Worthington Roth wrote as she posted a video of it on YouTube,

The video shows two tiny penguins running up the aisle as their handler runs after them and picks them up.

“When we reached cruising altitude, the captain allowed their handler to take them for a stroll up and down the aisle so that everyone could take a look at the cute, one-foot-tall penguins and get some great photos and videos,” Jane said.

The video has proved quite popular, collecting over 400,000 views since being posted.

“This is video proof that penguins CAN fly — and that they have absolutely no fear of flying at all! It’s also refreshing to see that the captain and crew had such a wonderful sense of humor, to let them take this stroll,” Jane said. ” It’s the first time I’ve ever seen everyone on a plane smiling at the same time!”

According to FOX, Pete and Penny are from SeaWorld and were on their way to New York for the premiere of the upcoming Discovery Channel/BBC series “Frozen Planet.”

“Frozen Planet” is described as “the ultimate portrait of our Earth’s polar regions,” according to the Associated Press and was four years in the making, coming from the team behind “Planet Earth.” The show is set to premiere Sunday, March 18.

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