‘Kony 2012’ New Video Released

Ben Keesey
(Credit: YouTube)
Ben Keesey
(Credit: YouTube)

Within the first week of being released KONY 2012 was viewed over 112 million times, making it the most viral YouTube video.

While the video seemed to generate an overall positive response, not everyone was sold by the video. Some questions people are wondering are, who are Invisible Children, why are they asking to buy a kit and most importantly, where is the money going?

The CEO of Invisible Children, Ben Keesey, got in front of the camera to respond to Invisible Children’s critics with a new YouTube video called, “Thank you, KONY 2012 Supporters.”

In the beginning of the eight minute video he explains how he got started with Invisible Children, “I decided to link up with the founders of Invisible Children and help them start up the business, the finance and the accountability side of Invisible Children.”

He quickly continues with, “In the process there have been a lot of questions about us and so we want to be as transparent as possible and answer those questions now.”

He starts by explaining their goal, “Our goal has always been the same, To stop the violence of the LRA permanently.”

Towards the middle of the video Keesey breaks their finances since most people want to know what percentage goes towards the cause. He tells viewers that he “Since the beginning we’ve always our audited financial statements, our tax return and our annual report straight up on our website for anyone to download.”

He then goes to breakdown each clarify their finances, by program, management and general expenses travel and transportation and production cost.

Ben Keesey wants to answer all of your questions, so he has set up a twitter account @Invisible. If you want anything answered just send out a tweet with #ASKICANANYTHING

What do you think about the new eight minute video Invisible Children has produced? Do you think it cleared anything up? Watch the new vid and let us know!