Spill-Proof Beer Video Goes Viral (Video)

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The only thing harder than trying to dance around in a crammed bar is trying to keep your beer in your hand and not on your shirt.

More times than not, a beer and a crowded bar equals stains and a slippery floor.

In a new video that went viral this week, two men prove that a spill-proof beer is possible.

“Objective: Spill-Proof Beer” reads the screen of a new video gone viral. The video featuring just that has been making its rounds on the Internet this week, collecting over 100,000 views.

“Dear Hahn, I am often jostled in busy bars, spilling my beer everywhere,” a voice over says before asking, “Can you help?”

Indeed they can. The video follows two researchers at the Hahn Academy using technology to solve the age old problem.

On a checkered dance floor, one man puts his beer on a metal arm attached to his blue jumpsuit, while another turns on the tunes to start testing their invention. The beer-holding man starts dancing as the beer surprisingly stays completely still.

The next step: punches. Soon the punches start being thrown by way of the second researcher holding what looks like a broom attached to a boxing glove. Again, the beer stays completely still.

If only everyone had a metal arm to hold their beer!

Check it out.