‘The Real Meaning Of MPH’ Video: Woman Fails To Solve Easiest Math Problem

Math Problem Fail
(Credit: YouTube)
Math Problem Fail
(Credit: YouTube)

A married couple tries to solve how long is would take to travel 80 miles if the speed of the vehicle is 80 miles per hour.

Okay, not all of us are math majors, but after being prompted and hinted at the answer to a simple math question we’d probably be able to figure it out.

For whatever reason the girl in the video does not want to accept the answer that her husband is giving her. Instead, she thinks the answer needs to be “whacked” in half and as a result the YouTube video has gone viral with over 500,000 views since “The Real Meaning Of MPH” video was put up in December of 2011.

Travis opens up the question, “And the question, very difficult to calculate is, if you are traveling 80 mph how long does it take for you to travel 80 miles.”

Even if you can’t figure out the question in your head it would be easily solved through a proportion equation, but Chelsea tries to solve out the problem by calculating how fast she runs and how fast the tire on the car turns.

She explains, “If I run the mile in about 9 minutes,” then her husband cuts her off and reminds her about the tires so she says, “Well, I’m guesstimating, probably it turns 400 times in a mile. I don’t know, cause if I run a mile in nine minutes, but that’s when I’m out of shape. I’m running ten miles an hour, if that, and that’s pretty fast for a human being.”

Since she’s not making any sense and not getting any closer to the answer he reiterates the question to her, but even after her husband gives Chelsea the answer she doesn’t believe that it takes an hour to go 80 miles per hour.

She spats out this nonsense, “You’re going faster than a mile a minute… I would whack 80 in half and that’s forty, because you’re probably going 2 minutes a mile… Some cars tires run faster than other… It matters if your car is a stick or automatic.”

Check out the video to see Chelsea try and rationalize how you don’t travel 80 miles at 80 miles per hour.