What Will Snooki Wear For Her Wedding?

richie rich
Richie Rich design for Snooki

The news of Jersey Shore celebrity Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s pregnancy and engagement to long time boyfriend Jionni LaValle may have surfaced different emotions for the public.

Some may have been apprehensive upon hearing the news while others may have been excited for the pint-sized celebrity. Regardless, there is no denying it: the wedding will be an exceptionally memorable occasion. Although the official wedding date has not yet been announced, the bar has already been set high with Snooki’s $55,000 custom wedding ring fashioned by LaVelle himself.

Questions regarding Snooki’s wedding gown have already been placed on the table. Designers have been contemplating the ideal style for such a small but busty young lady. Due to her height she would be drowning in a flowing gown, but because she is heavy up top an A-Line gown would surely not suffice. Of course, there are ways to foster the illusion of a taller Snooki. For example, four-inch heels can definitely add height to this meatball. Snooki may also  chose a tight ended dress to elongate her stature.

Adding to an already difficult situation is her over-the-top, wild style. Snooki is typically found sporting leopard print dresses covering excessive push up bras, but not much else. So surely, an animal print dress would be the dream dress for Snooki to tie the knot in. Fortunately, the celebrity has deflated these ideas telling E! that she will stick to the classic white princess dress, with an extra long train.  And since her wedding is planned to follow the baby guido or guidette’s arrival, she plans to wear a tight fitting gown to hopefully flaunt her dreamy post-baby body.

Her ideal gown is certain to be appropriate for her fist pumping Jersey Shore fairytale wedding. Some of the best designers for this meatball’s unique needs include Pnina Tornai, Maggie Scottero and Richie Rich. Rich has already released a sketch specifically for Snooki. The potential design includes a tight top that cascades into a high-low “cotton candy” inspired train that will drape behind the princess guidette as she walks towards her soul mate on her special day. Although Pnina Tornai and Maggie Scottero both have yet to release a Snooki specific dress, the two are known for their unique, more risqué designs that are sure to fancy the star’s eccentric taste.

Although, the plans are not finalized, she is sure to sparkle during her wild yet strangely romantic wedding creating a night for all to remember.