Paraplegic Bungee Jump (Video)

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Bungee jumping is not for the faint of heart, and is something only a few get to experience in their life. But just because not all people take to the air attached to a cord doesn’t mean bungee jumping isn’t available for them. In fact, it’s available for everyone.

A video that recently went viral proved that even being a paraplegic can’t stop some from jumping.

“First and definitely not the last time going bungee jumping in Whistler, BC,” reads the video caption of Christi “LynX” Rougoor, who was paralyzed in a motorcross accident at 21 years old, bungee jumping in a wheel chair.

“Thank you 9Lives Adventures for making this happen,” the caption reads.

The company 9 Lives Adventures Inc, a Canadian charity, made the bungee jump possible as it does for many others. The charity helps disabled daredevils take part in extreme sports including skiing and racing.

According to reports, Karim Ladki, the founder of the company who broke his neck in the past, says they use a special chair that provides much more stability for the jump and has a specific bungee cord that is tied to the axels of the wheelchair.

CBS reports that Ladki says being in a wheelchair actually keeps the body more steady than jumping without one and keeps the bloodflow from going to the jumper’s head.

The amazing jump was captured on camera and later posted on the Internet. Since being posted, it’s proved quite popular, check it out.