Rob Kardashian Arrested (Video)

Rob Kardashian Arrested
(Credit: TMZ)
Rob Kardashian Arrested
(Credit: TMZ)

Robert Kardashian, the youngest of the Kardashian “klan” is making waves in the tabloids this week after he was caught on tape being arrested.

The video first shows Kardashian arguing with an attractive blonde on the side of the road and then cuts to Rob sprinting into a bong shop.

It’s unclear what Rob is doing in the shop, but then as soon as the police come barging on after him all the action begins:

A man over dramatically begs, “Get out of here rob, rob out out. Get away from me please.”

The cop asks Kardashian, “Excuse me, what are you doing? You belong here?”

Rob tries to defend himself and retorts, “I’m shopping!” Though it is a logically response, it is clear that he was not looking to purchase anything.

The unseen man continues, “He’s attacking me, chased me. He tried to kill me. He almost killed me.”

As the cops begin to put Rob’s arms behind his back and slap on the handcuffs he  continually asks, “Can I ask for what? May I ask for what?”

Then the officer begins to get annoyed with Rob’s questions and tells him, “Don’t resist!”

“I’m not resisting, I’m not even resisting,” he pleads.

The dramatic man decides to add some fuel to the fire when he adds, “Oh my god, you see him chase me? You had me running into traffic for no reason you’re crazy. You almost killed me.”

So what is this all about?

A paparazzo caught Rob’s argument with the blonde girl which infuriated him so he chased the pap into a smoke shop, according to a police report obtained by TMZ. The cops bursted into the store after they noticed Rob following the paparazzo.

The pap probably thought he could get some money out of the deal and dished out the dramatics for the officer, however his efforts were to no avail since Rob was released after authorities determined there was not an altercation.

Take a look at the vid posted by TMZ, what do you think?