Dog Welcomes Soldier Home Video Goes Viral (Video)

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One touching video of a soldier’s return has been making its way around the Internet as well as making headlines this past week.

We all know how special it is when a soldier returns home and we have all seen countless tearjerking videos of family members being reunited with their loved ones who have been deployed.

But this week, a new tearjerking video went viral and it’s not so much about the human family member’s excitement but a canine family member’s excitement of the soldier’s return.

For one boxer named Chuck the excitement of his owner’s return was hard to be contained and their special reunion was captured on camera for all the world to see.

In the video, viewers watch as Chuck sits calmly in the back of a car until he spots his dear human friend, who has been away for a while. Chuck’s owner has been away with the United States Army for eight months.

Chuck can’t jump out of the car fast enough to get to his owner. His owner sees Chuck coming and bends down to give the dog a hug but can barely get his hands around his furry friend. Chuck becomes so excited he bounces up and down and jumps all over the soldier, at one point even knocking his sunglasses to the ground.

“To say that our boxer, Chuck, was excited to see him come home is an understatement,” reads the video caption.

And this wasn’t even the first time Chuck has greeted his soldier with so much excitement. “And if you’re wondering why it says “again” it is because we went through this a year ago as well. That video is also posted,” reads the caption.

The video has proved to be super popular since being posted in earlier weeks, gathering over 900,000 views. Check it out.