National Joe Day: How To Celebrate Joe Day

(Credit: Myopera.com)
(Credit: Myopera.com)

Happy National Joe Day!

Ever wanted to change your name, even just for a day? Well for those of you who hate your name to is National Joe Day! You can change your name to Joe for today! If you’re a girl you can go by Joanna or Josephine if you’d like.

There is no real original to National Joe Day and it’s not truly a national day since it has not been mandated by congress.

In case you are interested in celebrating, ehow.com lists a few ways to embrace your new identity:

Firstly you can start introducing yourself to everyone you already know and don’t know as Joe. Throw out your old name and welcome your new identity.

You can write a journal entry describing how you feel about your new name. Do you miss your old name or maybe you’re having some mixed emotions? Write down everything you’re feeling on paper and you’ll be able to figure it all out!

If you are really serious about changing your name you can go to court and actually petition for a name change. It’s going to take more than just a day to officially change your name, but you can start by telling everyone that you will be going by a different name from now on so they know to address you by the correct name.

Throw a party to celebrate your new name. Since everyone’s name is Joe today it should be a masquerade party, since we all have different identities today anyway. Pick out a mask that represents the new you and embrace the other Joes in your life!

Now your name is Joe so live it up and let us know what you did for National Joe Day!