Tiniest Puppy Beyonce Sets World Record? (Video)

Puppy Beyonce
(Credit: The Grace Foundation/eddogphotography.com)

Little puppy Beyonce could be the world’s smallest dog!

The precious pooch who is named after one of Beyonce’s famous songs, “Survivor,” cheated death three times before she was even born!

Puppy Beyonce’s mother was a stray and pregnant when she was found. Luckily, someone called the people at The Grace Foundation in El Dorado Hills, California who inevitably saved Beyonce from death and her mother and four siblings, reports CBS.

Beyonce’s mother is a small Dachshund mix named Casey and was found pregnant and aimlessly walking the streets.

Animal control eventually found her and scheduled to have her puppies aborted, but luckily for her and her pups, Casey’s pregnancy was too far along to be aborted.

Instead, Casey was going to be euthanized at Devore Animal Control until Casey and her pups hit another stroke of luck. The Grace Foundation was contacted after a group who saves animals from being killed rescued Casey.

Casey gave birth five days after her rescue. According to The Grace Foundation’s executive director, Beth DiCaprio, she was told that one of the puppies was going to be a still-born. She told reporters, “We had anticipated one puppy that had passed.”

Though four of the puppies were born healthy, the fifth puppy, Beyonce, was born smaller than normal.

When Beyonce was first born, “I thought she was dead,” Beth DiCaprio said to reporters at CBS.

Beyonce wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a heartbeat but Beth did not want to give up on her. She begged The Grace Foundation’s veterinarian, Dr. Russell to try to resuscitate her and it worked.

DiCaprio explained, “He gave her a couple of breaths in her mouth and she took a couple of breaths and she’s been fighting ever since.”

When Beyonce was born she was so small she could fit into a spoon. At two weeks old, she’s about the size of an iPhone.

The workers at The Grace Foundation are sending an application to Guinness World Records to find out if Beyonce is a record holder.