April Fools’ Day Fun

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April Fools 5

Today is officially April Fools’ Day, and that means tricking almost everyone you know in good fun.

The history and how April Fools’ Day came about is uncertain though it’s believed to have something to do with making fun of people who mixed up New Year’s Day—It is believed to have began around 1582, according to aprilfools.us, in France with the reform of the calendar and New Year’s Day was moved from April 1 to January 1.

But really who cares about history, the only important thing about the day to most people is a successful prank or two.

The day dedicated to pranks falls on April 1 every year and is celebrated around the globe. Reportedly, in France and Italy, children take paper fish on each other’s back and a trick and shout “April fish.”

But in our part of the world, we rely on other, more devious pranks. Last year we told you about our favorite April Fools Day prank The Key Change.

To do this take a friend’s keyboard and switch two of the keys, preferably from the bottom row that are unlikely to be noticed if they are moved. Then enjoy watching as your dear friend spends countless hours wracking their brain trying to correctly put together one Facebook post.

Another good prank is called Cell Phone in the Ceiling Prank. To successfully fool your co-worker, when he or she gets up, take their cell phone and put it in the ceiling tile if you have one of those kind of ceilings, and repeatedly call it. Watch as they check their pockets repeatedly and wonder if their beloved phone has vanished into thin air, or in this case, the ceiling.

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Today, apparently everyone is getting in on the fun including Google. Google Maps 8-bit version for Nintendo Entertainment System is a spoof and pays homage to the classic Dragon Warrior game.

Users can visit places around the globe though the most fun attractions are the Loch Ness Monster, Google HQ and Area 51! Check out a video of the spoof.