Decorah Eagle Cam: Third Eaglet Hatch Confirmed

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Photo Via Raptor Resource Project

D14 has officially arrived. That’s right D14, the third eagle egg to hatch, has been confirmed and the Decorah eagle family is now complete.

“D14 hatched at 03:15am CST. Welcome to the world, D14!” read a Facebook post on Raptor Resource Project.

The third eaglet was fashionably late Saturday, following the second hatch at the Decorah Eagle nest in Iowa Wednesday D13 and D12, the first egg to hatch, Tuesday.

“D14 arrived overnight! Our first glimpse was at 3:15 AM CDT,” noted Raptor Resource Project.

Thousands of viewers nationwide have been glued to their computer screens watching via live streaming video, three eagle eggs from first pip to feeding and growing into beautiful eagles.

The Internet frenzy started early Tuesday, when the first pip was spotted resulting in thousands of users tuning in to catch the eaglet’s beak breaking through the egg and eventually becoming egg-free—Following the pip, the eaglet was predicted to take between 24 and 48 hours to break completely free from its shell.

The first pip was followed by the second  and now finally the third and final eaglet has arrived, satisfying viewers who caught the amazing moments.

The Decorah Eagles have become a viral attraction for the past few years. Last year, hatching eagle eggs attracted millions of views as well.

The Decorah eagle couple sit atop a nest located on the top of a 80-feet tree at a fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa and as we’ve previously reported, have been tracked for a while now.

According to College News, they returned to nest at the end of December, the first egg was laid on Feb. 17 and was expected to hatch on March 23 or 24 with the other two likely to hatch in the following weeks.

Check out the video and follow the eaglets progress!

Live streaming by Ustream