Aubrey O’Day Quits “Celebrity Apprentice” Show? (Video)

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Picture 71“I don’t want to be around all the negativity anymore, the environment is so ugly,” said “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Aubrey O’Day as she stormed off the set.”I just don’t know if this is the right place for me.”

Fans watched the three-hour episode of the hit NBC show as the two teams were put to work and their task being to compile a guide book.

By the end of the first task, Debbie Gibson was fired to which she said “I’m comfortable with that based on the way this went.”

For the next challenge the teams were switched up and O’Day and Guidice joined Team Unanimous while Snider, Penn and Lou joined Team Forte.

Their second task of the episode was to create a presentation and design a box for the “Walk with Walgreens” fitness kit. Rocker Dee Snider was ultimately fired from the show.

But probably the most explosive moment of the episode was not when Dee or Debbie was fired but when Aubrey O’Day fired herself.

O’Day was butting heads with her team all episode and by the meeting with Trump she had, had enough. O’Day’s tears ended with her storming off and heading to the elevator, where fired contestants leave the show.

Many wondered if she was gone for good. The former Danity Kane singer later took to her Twitter to reveal the truth, saying she went to church and “I stay! xoxo.”

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