Katie Couric on “Good Morning America” (Video)

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Sure the morning crowd has been missing Katie Couric, but early risers were in for a treat this week when she announced she would returned.

Katie Couric made her first morning appearance since leaving “Today” Monday when she joined the set of “GMA.”

Sounds like a weird move? Couric joined the rival morning show of her former “Today” that she had helped succeed for over a decade.

She first announced the news Thursday and was wide awake this morning to welcome the viewers to the show.

“We’re glad to have Katie Couric here,” said George Stephanopoulos at the start of the show. Couric will be hosting with him for the next week, taking the place of Robin Roberts, who is currently vacationing.

“It’s a little strange and I’m a bit nervous,” said Couric, who shared a video of her arriving on set. The humorous video followed Couric as she made one huge error: her driver dropped her off at “Today” show studio.

Couric went on to report on “DWTS,” in which she payed a visit to the California studio and danced with a number of professional dancers as well as surprise guest Pip, contestant Gladys Knight’s brother.

Couric has had a long history of morning shows. She was the co-host of “Today” in 1995 and helped it garner massive ratings and fans for over a decade before leaving in 2006 to anchor evening news.

The interesting choice place to appear this week probably “Today” show folks upset as reports have revealed that recently “GMA” has been creeping up on “Today” show’s success.

Check it out. What do you think of her return?
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