Jaleel White ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Denies Drama (Video)

Jaleel White
Jaleel and Kym
(Credit: YouTube)

Jaleel White could fill an olympic swimming pool with all of the rumors that are going around about him lately between fighting with his “Dancing With The Stars” partner Kym Johnson and abusing his ex girlfriend Bridget Hardy.

The actor who formally appeared as “Family Matters” star Steve Urkel has been inundated with negative media reports. However, the allegations against Jaleel White are “completely exaggerated,” told People.

Us Weekly reported last Monday that White, 35, “flipped out” at his “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Kym Johnson

The two were in a rehearsal together when Jaleel began verbally abusing Johnson seemingly out of nowhere. Reports go as far to say that Donald Driver and professional dancer Mark Ballas had to step in order to break up the argument between Jaleel and Kym. Whoa, now that’s a heated fight. Who knew a little ballroom dancing could be so tense?

So why did all of this happen? The reports say that White “got in her face” after Johnson screamed “ouch” after Jaleel stepped on her foot while they were practicing now. Instead of acting like a gentleman, the reports say Jaleel told Kym to stop “acting like a baby” and even called her an “idiot.”

After Driver and Ballas broke up the fight, White accused Ballas of being “that annoying sitcom neighbor who gets into everyone’s business.”

However, insiders who poke to People are saying that Jaleel was just really stressed from all the pressure surrounding the show.

“Jaleel definitely was out of line,” the source said to the magazine. “It basically didn’t have anything to do with Kym or her foot – he was just stressed out and ready to snap.”

White is blaming the cameras for his meltdown.

“We go to work every day, and there is an alley full of tabloid reporters,” he said to People. “It’s not fair to us and that’s life, and I hope people can see through it. There’s no drama in my life.”

The actor who once played dorky yet lovable Steve Urkel on “Family Matters” has also been in the tabloids after his ex girlfriend, Bridget Hardy, accused him of abuse and bribery.

Bridget Hardy is the mother of my only daughter in this world and without Ms. Hardy I would not have the treasure that is my daughter,” he told People about the accusations.

“God knows the truth. …I ask for your sensitivity during this time, I can assure all of my fans this is only residue from a child custody matter.”

Hm, I wonder what good old Carl Winslow would think about all this hoopla?