Levi Johnston Gets Another Girl Pregnant!

Levi Johnston
(Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Levi Johnston is having another child, but it’s not with Bristol Palin. He’s added another woman to his baby momma drama. Levi Johnston must have some super sperm, so stay away from him ladies, if you don’t want to get impregnated that is.

According to TMZ, 21-year-old Johnston has gotten another woman pregnant out-of-wedlock.

So if the lucky lady is not Bristol Palin, who is it? The woman who will be harboring his second child for 9 months (and presumably raising the child) is 20-year-old Sunny Oglesby. She’s an Alaskan school teacher, in Wasilla, Alaska, who has been seeing Levi for almost a year.

TMZ was told that Oglesby is in her first trimester of pregnancy and probably isn’t even three months along yet.

Since Sunny is in the beginning weeks of her pregnancy she is not showing, making it easy for Levi to try about keep his girlfriends pregnancy a secret. Hm, who would he want to keep a secret like this from? Oh yeah, his first baby momma, Bristol Palin.

Well, thanks to TMZ and an unidentified source, it looks like the proverbial “cat’s out of the bag.”

As stated by friends of Levi, Sarah Palin and Todd have done everything in their power to keep him away from the son he has with Bristol, Tripp. Naturally, Levi is barely able to spend time with his own son. Sources say that Sarah and Todd will lie to Levi and tell him that Bristol and Tripp are out of town so he cannot see the them.

It looks like Levi is going to get a second start at started a family. He is reportedly “excited” about starting a family.

Do you think Levi is going to ask Sunny to marry him when the baby comes?