NYC’s Hawk Cam Own Version of Decorah Eagle Cam (Video)

NYC Hawk
(Credit: Christopher James/N.Y.U.)
NYC Hawk
(Credit: Christopher James/N.Y.U.)

New York has their own version of the Decorah Eagle Cam, except with hawks!

People have been going crazy over the Decorah Eagle Cam which is why NYU President, John Sexton, thought it would be an awesome idea to place cameras on two red-tailed hawks when he noticed they were mating and nesting outside of his window.

As of now viewers are still going nuts for the Decorah Eagle Cam which has thousands of current users and has racked up a total of 32 million views so far! The two parent eagles added three eaglets to their home which are referred to at D12, D13 and D14.

Although the Decorah Eagle Cam in located in Decorah, Iowa it is also attracting urban viewers, which gave Sexton the idea for the hawk cam. If people are into watching baby eagles hatch, why wouldn’t they get excited about little hawks? I’m sure it’s just as exciting to see a hawk pip (a pip is when a baby chick begins to break through its shell) as it is to see an eagle pip!

The Hawk Cam is live and streams during daylight hours. It’s located on the 12th floor of New York University’s Bobst Library on Washington Square Park in Manhattan and the camera and footage come as courtesy from the New York Time’s City Room.

The hawks have been named Violet and Bobby. Violet is named after NYU’s school color and Bobby after the library. The speckled eggs that the couple produced together are expected to hatch on April 22.

As of now the numbers from the Hawk Cam cannot compare to the Decorah Eagle Cam, but we’re sure that when April 22 comes along, and the hawks start to pip one by one the views will begin to sky rocket!

Are you excited about New York’s version of the Decorah Eagle Cam?

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