Twitter In The 1980s (Video)

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Picture 121Twitter is a place most call home, spending countless hours updating followers on what a user is eating, where they’re going, what they’re wearing and who they are with. While it’s only a few years old, it has quickly become one of the favorite social media platforms.

One of the saddest aspects of the social media platform, like many others, is that many of our elders never got to experience it. But what if they had? Or what if at least, decades ago, the site we hold so near and dear to our hearts had been available to computer users.

Hard to fathom the thought of a 1980s Twitter, huh? Well, If you seriously cannot imagine what it would be like, you don’t have to, because it’s been made into a humorous video.

“What if Twitter had been invented in the’80s?” is the title of a new video produced by Squirrel-Monkey.com. The video takes viewers on an experience of a Twitter with 8-bit graphics and even includes lovely dial-up modem connection sounds.

While the video is cool to watch, Twitter was not even a thought back then. It was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey. Twitter has gained over 300 million users since being launched and proved to be one of the most popular outlets of social interaction on the Internet.

Twitter allows users to send and read text-based 150-word posts called “tweets.” The social service is popular with celebrities who at times have even made money from tweeting about certain products. It’s also allowed celebrities a new outlet to interact with the public, their fans as well as at times of crisis, handle their own publicity.

If you enjoy this video you will definitely want to check back with Squirrel-Monkey.com who has also posted additional videos of an early version of Angry Birds and Draw Something as well as a 1990s Facebook.

Check it out.