Sofia Vergara ‘SNL’ Performance (Video)

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Picture 153Last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” was hosted by “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara.

The curvy actress starred alongside Kate McKinnon, who made her “SNL” debut Saturday and did nothing short of impress the crowd.

The two proved to be quite the performers during a skit near the end of the show. They had the crowd in laughs with a commercial spoof for Pantene Pro-V. McKinnon played Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and Vergara played herself.

Both brought the sexy accent they’re known for to the stage.

“I’m a big fan, big fan,” Vergara said to Cruz during the skit to which Cruz said “I’m a fan of you Sophia” and the two erupted into giggles.

The commercial was directed by funny man Jason Sudeikis who handed them a bottle of shampoo and sat them on the couch to begin filming.  Unfortunately, it was their sexy accents that brought the commercial down as Cruz struggled to pronounce the product correctly.

“Selenium Sulfide,” Cruz tried to say. “And we like that,” added Vergara, who sailed smoothly through her easy lines as she plumped her hair up for the camera.

“Sophia great job, Penelope you were kind of hard to understand,” Sudeikis said. “But it seemed that my words were harder,” argued Penelope to which the director agreed to give an easier script to the girls. But once again it proved impossible for Cruz, as she struggled to pronounce words like “Follicular development.”

Check it out. What did you think?