Why Do We Hunt Easter Eggs?

Easter Egg Hunt Sign
(Credit: deanaohara.com)
Easter Egg Hunt Sign
(Credit: deanaohara.com)

Catholics believe that Christ rose three days after his death, which is where the celebration of Easter Sunday comes from. But why do we hunt for eggs; where does that fit in with Jesus dying on a cross?

We all pretty much know Easter is without a doubt an awesome holiday. Easter is like Christmas’ stress-free, nicer-weather cousin; you get to eat some delicious food, chill with your fam, hunt for some Easter eggs, (if you’re seven-years-old or young at heart) and welcome Spring into your life!

But if you’re one of those cynics who believe holiday traditions are just a hoopla invented by Hallmark and shopping malls continue reading. There is a deeper meaning to chocolate Easter bunnies and marshmallow peeps. Okay, you might have got me on the chocolate bunnies and peeps, but I promise to explain where the hunting of eggs comes from thanks to some info found on eHow.com.

A long, long time ago, around 30 A.D. to be exact, Mary Magdalene, brought cooked eggs to feed the women who were visiting Christ’s tomb. When she realized He had risen the eggs turned deep red, symbolizing Jesus’ blood.

Over time people started getting away from dying their Easter eggs a gruesome blood-red and instead opted for pastel Spring time colors. The sparkled and dye-tied eggs probably entered the scene somewhere in the 1980s between: shoulder pads, Debbie Gibson and the excessive use of hairspray, just guessing though.

Blood-red Eggs
(Credit: mail.tgpwebzine.com)

You may be thinking, “Why are eggs so important?” Eggs and bunnies represent: life, rebirth and new beginnings. They are beliefs that are closely associated with Paganism and thus, eggs are considered to be good luck.

The egg hunt was designed to bring good luck, or new life, for so those who find the egg(s).

So when everyone is scavenging around, searching for dyed eggs which symbolize Christ’s blood, they’re actually seeking their own fortune.

Now you know why eggs are dyed and hunted for Easter, not bad for one article, eh?

Happy Easter everyone!