Albatross At Masters 2012 For Louis Oosthuizen (Video)

Louis Oosthuizen
(Credit: (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)
Louis Oosthuizen
(Credit: (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Louis Oosthuizen may have not won the masters, but at least he can walk away from the tournament saying he hit a double eagle or albatross. Not to mention that he made history by doing so.

Although Oosthuizen was able to hit a rare albatross, it was Bubba Watson who came out on top at Sunday’s Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

The announcers went wild when Oosthuizen hit his double eagle. The said, “Young South African, Louis Oosthuizen, trying to use those slopes, This one could be very nice. Could be very nice. Oh, come to Papa. Yes! Double eagle, albatross, call it what you like. Louis Oosthuizen goes to ten under par. That goes back to Gene Sarazen’s famous shot in the thirties. That is the first one we have ever seen on television at the masters.”

They continued, mocking Oosthuizen at first, “Haha he can get it in the hole from 260 yards but can’t quite manage to make contact at his hand.” Oosthuizen must have been able to sense the announcer’s negative comments because he instantly shut him up. Oosthuizen hit another amazing shot. The announcer changes his tune, “This just changed everything, this just changed the whole tournament. The first double eagle in tournament history on the second hole! The first ever at the second. Gene Sarazen hit the shot heard around the world in 1935 in the final round from 235 at the 19th.”

Thrilled with that they just saw, the two announcers begin to joke about Oosthuizen throwing the golf ball away, “Did he just do that? He just thew the ball away.”

“You can’t do that, that’s not allowed.”

“Hey, you know, he has the moment forever. I’d love to have to ball forever.”

“Ah, I don’t need that one.”

Oosthuizen explains to AJC.com why he might not have been able to win even though he hit the double eagle, “It was tough after that double eagle. When something like that happens early in your round, you think that this is it,” Oosthuizen said. “It’s a hard day, but you know, congrats to Bubba. He did brilliantly.”

At least Oosthuizen is a gracious loser, he added: “It’s fine,” Oosthuizen said about losing to Watson. “He hit an unbelievable shot there. I played well. This is not one where I felt like I played badly. Great stuff to him, he deserves it.”

What do you think about Oosthuizen’s albatross?