‘ESPN Michael Jordan Commercial’ (Video)

Picture 9

Picture 9“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to share a name with a superstar?” reads the caption of a new video that went viral on YouTube this week.

Imagine having the same name as a superstar and letting almost everyone you come across in your life down when they find out it’s not really that person. Unfortunately that’s the sad truth and having the same name as even your favorite superstar is more like a curse.

“Here, we follow an ordinary man who has been saddled with a legendary name. It’s not crazy, it’s sports,” reads the caption of the new ESPN commercial that follows a man who shares the same name as a former NBA star.

The commercial follows Michael Jordan but he’s not the over 6-foot NBA star we all know and love, instead a short balding man who lives his life one disappointment after the next. We get to see an average day of Michael’s and the people he comes across who insult him and seem almost mad at him that he’s not the famous Jordan.

At first we see Jordan approaching a reception desk to which the two receptionists quickly turn their head’s when he says his name. The two women seem let down to discover that Jordan is not the famous NBA star they had hoped to meet.

Then we see Jordan approach a restaurant host and give his name. Plans suddenly change after the staff realizes he’s not the Jordan they expected. Soon after he’s seated the waiter returns the champagne bottle that was traveling to Jordan after realizing it’s not the NBA star.

Jordan is also faced with disappointed folks during a flower delivery, pizza delivery and fast food delivery. Lastly, viewers watch as Jordan approaches a driver in an airport holding a sign that reads: “Michael Jordan.” “How you doing?” asks Jordan to which the driver realizes it’s not the NBA star and says “Really…let’s go,” before walking off.

The commercial comes from ESPN’s funny “It’s not crazy, it’s sports,” campaign which has produced a slew of humorous commercials in the past. Check it out.