Bill Sauder’s Most Memorable Moment With Titanic Artifacts (Video)

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This past week marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic and people around the globe remembered the event in many different ways.

Sunday around 500 people gathered on a ship for a “Titanic Memorial Cruise” to mark the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic, which ultimately hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic, killing 1,514 people.

They celebrated by traveling to Titanic’s wreck site and tossing wreaths into the North Atlantic early in the morning over the ship’s wreckage.

Others in Texas, celebrated by feasting on a meal like that on the Titanic. A Texas eatery served up a replica of the lavish dinner the wealthiest people aboard the Titanic enjoyed just before the sinking. Patrons dined on a $12k, 10-course Titanic meal with dishes, crystal and silverware all from a bygone era.

On television, there were a number of ways for folks to remember the ill fated Titanic. Some headed to see a 3d reproduction of the hit 1990s movie TitanicTitanic 3D while others stayed home and watched one of National Geographic’s Titanic shows like Save the Titanic or Titanic:The Final Word with James Cameron helmed by Cameron of Titanic.

A clip from one of the television Titanic shows has gone viral and is proving to be quite the tearjerker. The video follows Historian and Director of Research for RMS Titanic Inc, Bill Sauder, who was part of Cameron’s crew, as he describes the most memorable moment with Titanic’s artifacts.

To Sauder, the perfume bottles the crew found aboard the ship had a profound impact on him.

“The one thing I’ll remember about the Titanic artifacts till the day I die is when the Saalfeld perfume vials came up,” he says in the video. “When you recover stuff from the titanic, it’s wet, it’s rusty, and it’s rotten, and the smell that comes off it is perfectly alien, perfectly fetid, you know it’s a kind of death you have never experienced. And so the lab is kind of unpleasant, and all of a sudden somebody opens up this satchel — this leather satchel and out comes the fragrance of heaven.”

“It’s all these flowers and fruity favors, and it’s delicious. It’s the most wonderful thing you’ve ever had. It was just a complete overwhelming experience. It was almost like the fragrance of heaven kind of goes through the room,” Sauder explains in the video.

“Instead of being surrounded by all these dead things, for those few minutes… the ship was alive again.”

Check it out.