Pippa Middleton To Be Charged For Gun Incident? (Video)

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Screenshot from "Good Morning America"

Pippa Middleton is in the center of a media storm, and this time it’s not concerning her bum.

Recently, the younger Middleton sister dubbed “Her Royal Hotness” jetted off to Paris for a party. But it wasn’t what she was wearing or who she was with, instead what one of her friends was carrying.

While in France she hopped into a car with a gun wielding buddy, which was all captured on camera.

The Sun later released photos of Middleton riding shotgun with a driver, with a shotgun—The photos show Middleton looking back at paparazzi while the driver aims a pistol at them and Middleton grins.

Middleton was in Paris to attend a birthday party at the Chez Raspoutine and according to reports, the incident took place while Pippa was being driven back to Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar home.

While some media speculate that the gun may have been real, one photographer claimed to have talked to the group and that it was in fact a toy gun.  According to reports, the Paris Judicial Police department is launching an investigation into the incident and even if the gun turns out to be fake, charges are still possible. Pippa may be involved in the charges if it turns out she had anything to do with the incident.

Pippa is under fire now but in previous years, was the talk of the town for another reason. Middleton was the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding to Prince William in 2011.  She walked down the aisle behind sister Kate wearing a tight white gown and it’s safe to say her bum was known around the globe.

She became an instant sensation, thanks in part to her form fitting dress, that some say helped her outshine the bride.  Since stepping on the scene, Pippa has known to have become quite a socialite, attending lavish parties and dating notable men.

Check it out. Do you think she should be charged?