Ugliest Bird in the World, Nelson (Photo)

Ugliest Bird Nelson
(Credit: Action Press/Rex Features)
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(Credit: Action Press/Rex Features)

Talk about a face only a mother could love, sadly for this parrot his own parents even rejected him. Talk about abandonment!

The baby bird, which is being referred to as the ugliest bird in the world was born at a German zoo, as reported by the Daily Mail. They named him Nelson.

Even though Nelson was the only hatchling to be born out his parents three eggs, his parents ignored him the second they realized his did not look like them.

The baby bird is now being cared for at all hours of the day by the Bergzoo staff, the zoo where he was born a month ago.

It’s being said that Nelson looks like a mix between an alien and a roast bird, but we think he’s kind of cute.

Even though Nelson doesn’t really understand, he won’t be an ugly duckling forever! German zoo officials are expecting Nelson to grow into a healthy Kea parrot.

Keas are larger parrots which are native to the alpine regions of New Zealand. They are best known for being intelligent and highly curious.

Male Kea parrots grow up to be adults which are mostly olive-green and have orange strands under their wings.

It’s only a matter of time before Nelson is able to spread his wings and fly with the rest of his pack!

Nelson is quite the miracle since he spent the first hours of his life in a incubator and is living without the support of his parents.

Cathy F. of Minneapolis, MN commented, “That is one ugly bird. It just goes to show what a few nice feathers can do for you!”

While Rita from Texas added, This reminds me of an old short story of the Ugly Duckling who later became a beautiful swan.”

What do you think of the baby Kea parrot Nelson? Utterly grotesque or kinda cute?