Courtney Stodden Reality Show Premiere (Video)

Picture 10

Picture 101 e1334849318937It’s official: teen bride Courtney Stodden and her husband Doug Hutchison have their own reality show.

The first episode of the show premiered this past week online and followed the teen as she began her 18th birthday countdown and overcome a foot ache, all while wearing impractical platform heels of course.

Luckily it was just a sprain, and later on in the episode Stodden reveals the news to her mom, saying “I sprained it,” and ” I feel a lot better.”

Stodden also debunked the high heel haters, saying, “Everybody is saying it’s because of the high shoes but it’s not.”

“Aw, I’m glad your foot’s better,” Stodden’s mom says before the two end their conversation and Stodden goes on to share the good news with her husband Doug. Doug, who earlier noted that she may have hurt it because of her high shoes, seems happy that his wife is alright.

“I love you,” he says to which she replies “I love you too, and I love my high shoes.”

Back in August, the world was let in on the couple’s reality show plans.

The two appeared on an Australian talk show to discuss the possibility of a new show, along with details into their surprising relationship. Stodden said they are working with producers on a show that will allow the curious public a glimpse into their relationship.

The couple met through an acting class Hutchison was going to teach. They first got in touch online in January and the relationship turned from “professional to personal” and “slowly turned into phone conversations with a lot of texting.” Doug says it was nothing inappropriate until they began using the “L-word” and confessing that they were having feelings for eachother.

Stodden talked seduction, ”His face, of his body of his sexy hair. Talk about seducing. He seduced me immediately. I knew off the bat that he was the one for me and that was it” while Doug shocked viewers when he announced his wish was, “I wished I was a virgin when we met.”

Check it out.