Katy Perry Kisses a Sailor [Video]

In this April 19, 2011 file photo, singer Katy Perry arrives for the European premiere of "Arthur" at the O2 Arena in London. Perry leads the MTV Video Music Award nominations with nine, including video of the year for her song "Firework." (AP Photos/ Joel Ryan, File)

It looks like Katy Perry’s into sailors.

The pop superstar kissed a man from the Navy Friday night during a concert at the Naval Academy in Maryland—and there’s proof.

A member of the audience recorded the whole thing and slapped it on YouTube for all to see.

During the performance, the singer, dressed in sailor gear, called the Navy man to the stage and had a brief talk with him before they began smooching.

She asked his name…age…blah blah, and then she finally asked if he knows the iconic photo from World War II when a sailor kissed a woman. Of course he does, he’s in the Navy.

But Perry, who was apparently suffering from a cold, asked the man if he would be okay kissing her even though she was burning up with a 101.8 fever.

His reaction: “Oh, yea.”

So the two got into the same position as that iconic photo and Perry fell backwards as the man planted a kiss on the singer.

The crowd, full of service members, roared when they saw what was happening on stage.

And it appears that Perry wasn’t kidding when she was talking about feeling under the weather.

She tweeted to her 18 million-plus followers on Friday that “101.8 temperature feels toasty & chilly!”

The singer also said: “Nothing like waking up with a fever in a bed of sweat! #sexyWellness, echinacea, vitamin c and B12 shots in the bum, lezz go!”

And it looks like singer didn’t require the help from a doctor—just some sailors.

“Played for some Navy guys & gals tonight,” she tweeted. “I think my fever broke on stage from all the sea-men.”