‘Think Like a Man’ Takes Top Spot in Box Office

Think Like a Man
In this CD cover image released by Epic Records, the soundtrack, for “Think Like a Man,” is shown. (AP Photo/Epic Records)
think like a man
In this CD cover image released by Epic Records, the soundtrack, for "Think Like a Man," is shown. (AP Photo/Epic Records)

Sorry Hunger Games fans, it couldn’t last forever.

The Hunger Games was knocked out of first place in the box office for the first time in four weeks by a comedy, and a romantic film based on a Nicholas Sparks book.

Comedian Kevin Hart’s Think Like a Man, which is based on Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” came out on top on Friday, bringing in an estimated $12.2 million.

The comedy, which also stars Jerry Ferrara, Regina Hall, Chris Brown, Romany Malco and Michael Ealy, had enough star power to hold off The Lucky One, based on the novel by Sparks that shares the same name.

The drama ended Friday with an estimated $9.1 million, according to box office tracking website Box Office Mojo.com.

Falling in fourth—and out of first place for the first time since it’s opening on March 23—was The Hunger Games, based on the widely popular post-apocalyptic series by Suzanne Collins.

Box office forecasters reported earlier in the week that The Hunger Games strangle hold on the top spot could come to an end this weekend with the comedy and romance hitting theaters for the first time.

Box Office Mojo reported that Think Like a Man may have gotten some help by Sony, who was able to get the movie on more screens than originally predicted.

The Lucky One stars Zach Efron, who plays Logan, a marine who travels to North Carolina to search for a woman who he believes was his good luck charm while serving in Iraq.

As far as reviews go, The Lucky One received a 21 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Think Like a Man fared a little better, receiving a 50 percent rating on the website.